Connect People, Empower and Growth your Customers
Findoor supports you in the creation of your site
Let's Know Each Other
Our way of working :
Agile Approach and Scrum Methodology
Your Success is ours !
During our first meeting,
we Challenge your use-case
to Make Sure You will Reach your Target
We share our scripts and experience
to hire the best experts
Let's Adjust before the Release
A few days after our first meeting
you will receive a demo version of your website
Challenge the visuals, the tone of voice, the content...
Get your customers' feedback with explanatory interviews
Feed-up the robot to correctly route the questions to experts
Let's deal with administrative matters :
SLA, terms & conditions, GDPR, IT security....
Let's Grow Traffic and Value
When you feel ready we deliver your demo version to your chosen url
3 months later, we meet again to :
Deal with the Growth Hacking Strategy
Build the Communication Plan
Define and Measure KPI of Success
Collect Customers' Feedbacks

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